The Scam

infinite-bank Scam


I have tried investing $10 into this program called infinite-bank,
their website is:

If you are looking at this program and trying to invest, my advice is don’t. This infinite-bank is a scam! HYIP monitors such as and indicate infinite bank as “paying” but the truth is, it doesn’t.

I tried requesting for withdrawals, like 5 times already. All of them failed. I do receive the email saying “Withdrawal Request has been sent” but after awhile, like 5hrs later, this withdrawed amount, goes back into the members area. So, the question: Is paying? Obviously a big fat no!

I have tried contacting the support via their web form and sending an email to, sadly, there was no reply for both.

On it’s website, you can see the latest payout, that is fake. I have been monitoring that for like 3 days now, it’s rotating among the same people over and over again. So don’t be fooled by this latest withdrawals statistics.


My advice is to stop looking at these kind of fast paying programs as most of them are scams. These scams are just popping up like mushrooms. If you are looking for fast programs, these are the things to take note of:

1) The website must begin with “https://”.

2) The website must have either a Facebook page or Facebook group. This shows that the program is willing to have support for its members.


I hope this helps. Please share this post if you think it is beneficial for others.

Thank you.


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