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There has been quite alot of questions about SBC income proofs. One thing for sure, the company is paying and it has been paying for nearly 6 years now. I signed up for SBC in mid September 2016. Before I signed up, I googled and search for SBC income proofs. I didn’t manage to find any..

The only thing I found is that SBC is a real company and people are not publishing their SBC income proofs because there’s no reason to post them as the company has already publish this average monthly earnings report in the members area:




Anyway, today is 1 November 2016. I got this in my mailbox today. Pretty awesome!


To apply for this card, u will need to log into your SBC members area. Click on MY EARNINGS. The link to apply for this card is there. Apply applying, this card will be sent to you via your mailbox. For me, I applied on 23 October. I got it today, about 7 days later.

How will you get paid via SBC? Basically, SBC will deposit your earnings into your this prepaid debit mastercard. From there, all you need to do is to go to your nearest atm and withdraw your earnings. That’s all. Very simple.


Watch me withdraw money from this Skinny Body Care Card


If you’re still looking for SBC income proofs, don’t waste your time already. Instead, get started with SBC now and start earning. Not yet a member? Signup now @ (this is our POWER TEAM website)..

After joining SBC, message me on Facebook @ and let me know so I can add you into our POWER TEAM Facebook group.


Hope this helps.



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