Game Loot Review

The new network marketing company that has been growing fast since July 2016 is a company called Game Loot Network. What spiked my interest is the product, the marketing plan, the compensation, and the fully automated systems in place that enables the every average person profit from the exploding gaming industry. The other thing that caught my interest was the image of this big green bird.. lol!


play games get paid


The awesomeness of Game Loot Network products.

Game Loot is a company specialized in gaming, mobile gaming to be exact. As the motto goes: Play games and get paid! As of 19 August 2016, there is a total of 8 games. These games can be found on the website:, scroll down till you see the games. More games will be added thru time.


How to download Game Loot games for free?

The games are in the appstores! However, a person CANNOT just go to the app store to download the app. If they do, they will come across an error. The reason for this error is, everyone MUST be referred by someone. If that person goes to the app store to download, there isn’t any referrer. Therefore resulting in the error. The error looks like this:




That is the error you will see which states “Sign up operation failed. Please try later. Reason 00001586701 Distributor may not sponsor. See that? MAY NOT SPONSOR. You must enter your number on the official Game Loot website which is:


Game Loot compensation and marketing plan.

Personally, I feel that this Game Loot marketing plan and compensation is a masterpiece. I have never seen a network marketing company that pays out like game loot before. Basically, you just need 3 personal referrals and yes, you do not have to personally enroll them. As you can see from my this simple landing page,, I’m using a rotator. 3 referrals is all you need, and the rest goes below your team and goes below their team and so on. You get paid based on team building efforts. This is the first network marketing company I see that focus fully on team building. To see the full Game Loot compensation and marketing plan, go to:


Game Loot automated system.

Normally, people would have to pay a huge amount of money to use landing pages, sales pages and auto responder emails. Here in Game Loot network, all those are provided for you. For now, you will have 4 landing pages and they are:





Love the landing pages? I bet you will! Next, try entering your name and email address. See the auto responder emails that you will be getting. Also, somehow, I don’t know what the company do, but, the auto responder emails always ends up in the recipients inbox. (Normally, autoresponder emails goes into spam folder).


How can you get started?

If you are weak in getting referrals, don’t worry. We got a team who will help and back you up. All you need to do is just to signup via one of our team members and then join our private Game Loot Facebook page:


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