Cost of a .com Domain

cost of com domain.
As you can see above, I have just registered a .com domain.
I have just registered the .com domain from Global Domains International.


The Cost of a .com Domain?

If you register your domain via GoDaddy, it will cost you $19 per year. As you can see above, there are 2 other charges there. The first is domain package registration and the other is the domain privacy. The total I had paid was USD$30 for the first month. For the 2nd month onwards, I will just have to pay for the domain package itself with cost only USD$10.


Why Global Domains International?

They provide a domain package which includes your own domain, hosting and up to 10 email addresses. If you want to register for a domain without hosting and emails, I recommend u register via GoDaddy.


Benefits of having a domain with Global Domains International.

The other benefit other than having the domain package itself is the ability to make money. Yes! As a customer of GDI, you can get paid by simply referring others to GDI. You DO NOT have to sell anything at all. Just refer them to GDI and you’re done.


Comparing GDI and GoDaddy, which is better?

From my personal experience, I first started using GoDaddy. I purchase the domain by itself without the emails and hosting because I wanted to use the email forwarding option to promote some other online money making program. I got interest in the custom email address and hosting services so I purchased from GoDaddy. I can’t remember exactly how much it cost. But if I’m not wrong, its around USD$11.

So ya, if you were to compare the domain packages, purchasing from GDI would be alot better. Domain packages from GDI are cheaper and even better, you can earn residual income. Cheap domain names plus the ability to make money online. So, why not?

Am I still using or purchasing domains via Godaddy? Yes I am! I purchase domains from Godaddy if I’m just looking for a domain which I want to use custom services like url forwarding or to use the advanced name servers option.


Want to learn more about GDI?

If you wish to learn all about GDI, see my this blog post:


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