Adding a WordPress Sitemap

First off, I must say that I’m very new to WordPress. This post is a guide on how to add a sitemap for your WordPress blog. Lets get started:

Step 1) Click on “Add new” under “Plugins”.
Step 2) Search for “Sitemaps”.
Step 3) Choose your sitemap plugin. As for me, the one I’m using is


gdi wordpress sitemap


Step 4) Click on “Install”.


You’re done installing your sitemap on WordPress. Next, you will need to add your sitemap on Google Webmasters Tool.


Step 1) Under “Settings”, click on “XML-Sitemap”. Copy your Sitemap url.
Step 2) Open Google Webmaster Tools:
Step 3) Click on “Add a property” if you have not added your site to Google Webmasters Tool.
Step 4) If you have already added, click on your website.
Step 5) Click on “Crawl”.
Step 6) Click on “Sitemaps”.
Step 7) Click on Add/Test Sitemap.
Step 8) Paste your sitemap url.




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